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(A thoughtful surprise from Ry, sent to make my grocery trips a little more special)

The last few weeks it seems have been dragging in anticipation for fall. This week, I decided to slow myself down and enjoy every free moment. I made time to sit out on my porch on chilly evenings and sip homemade chai lattes, or bake and hand deliver a batch of cookies just because. This past week was the first in a while that seemed to fly by, mostly because of the little details that made my days so much more worthwhile. I bought (and already burned through) my first autumn scented candle, pulled out my pumpkin car fresheners, re-organized my closet with bulky sweaters and boots easily accessible, and came home to the most wonderful surprise from Ry after a long day at work. It’s amazing how such seemingly insignificant changes can instantly boost your mood and re-energize you to live life beautifully.


(Going with the philosophy that it’s never too early)


(A sneak peak at my bookshelf that’s finally coming together)


(A rainy day batch of chocolate chip cookies)


(Surprise, part two. Now all that’s missing is a bakery)