photo 2-41

(A glimpse at my annual Thanksgiving table setting)

The week since Thanksgiving has absolutely flown by – as the days tend to do this time of year. In the days following Thanksgiving, my family received a couple pieces of very exciting news. One being that their offer was accepted on a log cabin in the mountains that will hopefully be ours soon (fingers crossed), and the other being that my older sister got engaged. Now, on top of the hustle bustle of the holidays, I am emerged in some serious cabin decorating and wedding planning. I’m taking this weekend to soak in the news, starting with a celebratory engagement dinner with both families tomorrow night, and ending the weekend by setting up my Christmas tree with Ry, and probably diving into my stash of holiday movies.

photo 3-36

(My newest tradition: a mid-week pain au chocolat)

photo 1-39

(My first batch of molasses spice cookies – I’ve already voted it a holiday staple)

photo 4-25

(Poppy orange shoes to brighten up a dreary December day)

photo 5-14

(An unlit star atop an invisible tree)