photo 2-34

(Ferris Wheel lighting up the night sky at the N.C. State Fair)

Though a couple of nights this week felt significantly more like the beginning of winter than a fall evening, I still managed to get bundled up for some nostalgic fall activities. I wrapped up my vacation with my first trip to the fair in years (I’m still patting myself on the back for bucking up the courage to ride one of the rides and allow myself to try a fried anything that I got within a foot of), a date-night turned family corn maze, and a Saturday morning spent with my mom and sister to start our holiday shopping (and sample all sorts of dips and drinks that will surely be making an appearance at holiday parties this season). As the last weekend in October, it was exciting to turn on the heat for the first time, and start laying down some plans with family and friends for the holidays. Here’s a glimpse at what’s currently making me happy.

photo 3-30(A totally unnecessary, but cute, addition to my water glass)

photo 1-33

(A teabag that caught me off guard with an inspirational message)


(Corn-mazing under a pitch black sky)

photo 3-31

(The most flavorful wedge salad that I’m planning on recreating at home)

photo 2-35

(Learning the hard way that caramel apples are not as easy as they look: the after picture is much less presentable)

photo 1-34

(An accumulation of tickets from this weekend’s festivities)