photo 2-25

(Picking out an extra-large mum to brighten up my patio)

The last few days have flown by, as they typically do this time of year. My to-do list constantly grows with festive things to accomplish, and the days seem to have less and less hours. Taking advantage of what free time I did have this past week, I found opportunities to counteract what was hopefully the last hot day of this year with some pumpkin picking at the farmer’s market, enjoy a quiet dinner with my mom, and do a little bit of fall baking. Though I still have much more on my to-do list, I’m looking forward this weekend to making relaxing a priority, and maybe crossing off a couple more things.

photo 3-24

(First pumpkin purchase this year – I went with the sage green one in front)

photo 5-7

(A delicious and colorful cookout at my parents’ house)

photo 1-23

(Spending an afternoon with the biggest member of our family)

photo 4-17

(Stocking up on fresh veggies with the family at the local farmer’s market)