photo 2-18

 (My first food truck rodeo experience)

After feeling under the weather and battling a severe head cold for the last week, I am ready this weekend for a much needed get-away to my parent’s house. As excited as I am that fall is (finally) one week away, it doesn’t come without its one downside: flu season. I, without fail, catch a cold every fall, and find myself glued to my bed needing multiple ways to keep myself occupied. This week’s entertainment of choice: the T.V. show ‘Scandal’, and The September Issue. With non-stop drama and 902 pages of fashion, it was just about all I needed to get through the worst of the cold. This weekend I am staying at my parent’s for the first time in far too long, and taking a relaxing day trip to Blowing Rock, which I am positive will cure the rest of my illness.

photo 1-15

(Mouth-watering handmade ice cream that provided much needed heat relief at the rodeo)


(Light reading from my mom and Ry to keep me entertained while bed-ridden)

photo 3-19

(The last of summer’s greenery + the first of fall’s colored leaves)

photo 4-12

(Cute notepads make chores and grocery lists twice as fun)