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(The end to a long hunt for a perfect sugar bowl)

Though my Labor Day wasn’t entirely labor-free, the days leading up to it were more than relaxing enough to make up for it. I found time to make a quick pass through the flea market with my mom after a delicious breakfast with my whole family, experience my first food truck rodeo (and eat way too much), stock up on the last of summer’s fruits at the farmer’s market, and test out a new coffee shop in downtown Raleigh. Even with all of that, I still squeezed in lying in bed with tea and sugary snacks on a lazy afternoon to catch up on my favorite shows. It was one of those weekends that at the time didn’t feel like I did much, but looking back it was perfectly packed with activities to bid summer adieu.

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(People who still take the time to write handwritten notes)


(A bushel of apples and a bucket of peaches to munch on as summer comes to a close)


(Discovering a new breakfast spot with the most amazing chai lattes)

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