Dainty Gold Jewels

dainty gold

Ever since I got this ring, I’ve been obsessed with all dainty gold jewelry. At first I thought it was so small that it would go unnoticed, but quickly realized how big of a impact it really does make. In the past I have avoided jewelry because I felt it was too bulky and too much of a nuisance. These smaller, dainty pieces no longer make me feel weighed down, but add character and style to jeans and a white tee. I can wear one or five, making completely different looks, all while still maintaining that casual, not-too-put-together feeling. Here are a few of my favorites I’ve seen.

1. Catbird Opal Teardrop Ring $198

2. Catbird Teensy Diamond Ring $225

3. Catbird First Knuckle Double Ring $152

4. Zoe Chicco Tiny Circle Necklace $110

5. Stella and Dot Arrow Necklace $49

6. Zoe Chicco Pave Bar Bracelet $610

7. Jennifer Meyer Ruby Ring $175

8. Jennifer Meyer Turquoise Ring $175

9. Zoe Chicco Spike Studs $110

10. Zoe Chicco Thin Bar Studs $128