photo 3-85(A beautiful bubble send-off at my friend’s wedding)

It’s always comical to me that in mid-August I can’t wait for winter to get here, and then once February hits, I can’t wait for spring. I blame it on working in retail – as soon as Christmas is over, I’m surrounded by shorts, tunics, and bright, floral patterns. Naturally, the week that I start craving spring more than ever, we have our biggest snow storm of the season. Ryan and I had plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day and his birthday at the cabin this weekend, but thanks to mother nature’s (not so gentle) reminder that it’s still very much winter outside, we may be stuck in Raleigh. Whether it’s at the cabin or here, I’m sure will make the best of the situation, and fill the weekend full of games, home-cooked meals, and plenty of good movies.

photo 1-101(Fresh flowers to fight the lingering cold weather)IMG_6135

(Springtime patterns moving front and center in my closet)

photo 2-105(New favorite scent: Mission Fig)

IMG_6119(Me and my valentine in the snow)