photo 2-95

(Taking a time-out to play in the snow)

The last week started out as one of the most awful weeks, having caught the flu, but my vacation, which started the second half of the week, was absolutely wonderful. The cabin finally became ours this past weekend, and the whole family came together this weekend to celebrate and start making it cozy. Of course I had the majority of my room set up in the first ten minutes, but the weekend at the cabin was been just the right combination of work, play, and relaxation. Here’s a little bit of what’s been happening the last week.

photo 2-90

(Because sometimes all you need is a good old fashioned cinnamon bun)


(A very well-mannered Luna joining us at the table for dinner)

photo 1-91

(A lunchtime trip down memory lane here)
photo 5-47(Favorite details from my room at the cabin)