(Home just in time to watch this gorgeous sunset from my balcony)

I had previously mentioned that this week was a tough one for me. Yesterday, I wanted to just curl up in bed and not even write a blog post. I almost gave in, but then realized that isn’t why I started this blog. I started it to use it as an outlet and a place where I compile everything that I love. Buckling down and writing the post (even if it was from in bed), helped get my mind off things, and gave me some motivation to step it up a notch. I’m off this weekend, and looking forward to getting out and about, and getting some much needed inspiration. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


(Late mornings snuggling with little Miss Luna)


(Love this colorful mural we passed on a walk downtown)


(Girls night in: Luna intently watching Funny Face)


(A morning cup of coffee at my favorite cafe – something I haven’t done in way too long)