IMG_5053(Celebratory cupcake after my sister said yes to the dress)

Maybe it’s the freshness of a new year, or maybe it’s due to recent life events, but somehow this week, my life has been in perspective for the first time in a while. I’ve enjoyed my hours spent at my job, because I realize it is just that, and have appreciated my time outside my career so much more because I know that it’s what is important. It’s about the little things, the quiet moments, the hugs from loved ones, and smiles you give to a stranger. Nothing monumental happened this week, but it seemed to fly by – as I really was taking each day with a new, positive attitude. I don’t necessarily believe in new year’s resolutions, but I do think this fresh outlook is something that will carry me through 2014.

photo 2-72

(Being productive is much more fun with cute notepads and fruit-scented gel pens)
photo 1-69

(A bowl of made from scratch mac + cheese)
photo 4-47

(A night snuggled on the couch with my favorite girl)
photo 3-58(Because every kitchen needs a chicken… or three)


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