(A lazy sunday spent at home with records, books, and homemade espresso)

Labor Day weekend is always a little bit bitter sweet. As much as I love fall and absolutely can’t wait for the summer heat to be over, this weekend also symbolizes the passing of another season, and another half of a year. This year has already flown by – it’s September already! Between turning 25, watching my sister get married, and starting a new job, it has been a jam packed first half of the year. I’m ready to use this weekend as a starting point to relax, slow down, and let my two favorite seasons drag out for as long as possible. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


(Morning latte at my favorite french bakery, complete with stray cat)


(Because I couldn’t share a picture of a cat without sharing one of Miss Luna too)


(Gorgeous antique hydrangeas from this week)

(Day off doodles to give out as little notes)