photo 3-46(A New Year’s Eve toast shared by Ryan and I)

This week was full of many (much needed) quiet moments. I was happy to spend a relaxing evening in New Year’s Eve with Ryan cuddled up watching movies, and felt energized to face the first of the year. I woke up ready to tackle a few piling up projects around the house, and cook my first batch of pasta from scratch. It feels nice to be getting back in routines after an eventful second half to the past year. I’m once again so thankful for all the support and love that has surrounded me this past week, and am looking forward to the memories I’ll make in the coming year. This weekend, my sister and I are beginning the process of planning her wedding – a perfect weekend to start looking forward instead of behind.

photo 4-36

(A stunning pearl ring + a much needed ring holder from Ryan)

photo 1-57

(A pick me up surprise at work)

photo 5-24

(My first attempt at making spagehtti from scratch)

photo 2-60(Quiet time spent with my sister at the barn)