(Hamburgers, hot dogs, and corn – but more importantly, tater tots for dinner)

Today is my last day at J.Crew, and while there are parts of my time there I will surely miss, I can’t be more ready for what’s about to come. I am making the switch over to work as a manager at Madewell (where my passions truly lie), and can’t remember the last time something in my career had me this excited. I am so thankful for my time at J.Crew and the wonderful people I met along the way (a.k.a. where I first met Ryan). I know I was there for a reason, and now I am ready for my next adventure. My new life starts on Monday, but I have this weekend off to enjoy a cookout with my family tonight, relaxing, and seeing friends. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

photo 3-144

(Signs of summer approaching: fresh flowers and cut-offs)

photo 1-165

(A quick bite to eat with my family after my sister’s bridal portraits – can’t wait to share!)


(Sweet little things Ryan brought me back from his beach trip)

photo 2-176

(Taking a time out for a long overdue trip to La Farm Bakery for a pastry)