photo 4-92

(One very happy Luna tucking in for an afternoon nap)

This week was one of those weeks that I definitely set my expectations too high. When things didn’t go according to plan, or live up to what I had imagined, I almost felt as if I wanted to sit on my couch under a blanket, and not come out until next week. Instead, I used my day off yesterday to be productive, enjoy the sunshine (although its still bitter cold), and do a little crafting. Taking one day for myself helped turn things around just in time for warmer weather and exciting happenings this weekend.

photo 3-115

(An afternoon pick-me-up, five-year old style)

photo 2-144

(Snatching up these little beauties for spring)

photo 1-135

(That moment when you realize you unintentionally matched your Easter candy to your coffee table books)

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(Just one of my many favorites from my sister’s engagement photos last week by Three Little Birds Studio LLC – they were wonderful!)

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