Celebrating Successes


In the blogging world, as with any industry, it is so easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others, and constantly feeling like you are playing catch up to keep up with everyone else. I was scrolling through my favorite blogs the other day (secretly jealous of their success) when I realized I’ve spent more time lately focusing on what I haven’t accomplished than what I have.

That’s when I started setting small, weekly goals for myself. They are things that are attainable if I push myself just enough. At the end of the week when I hit those goals, I have started actually taking the time to celebrate those small successes. Placing the focus on what I’ve done so far and how far I’ve come, instead of how far I have yet to go, has helped keep me positive and motivated.

No matter¬†how small they are, with every goal I accomplish I can feel my confidence grow in myself and in my work, and it gives me such a sense of pride to be able to say I accomplished what I wanted. I exceeded two goals I set for myself this week, and couldn’t have felt a more appropriate¬†time to share my new perspective on setting goals.