Fall Porch Decor with The Bouqs Co.

It’s finally officially fall! While I still have a hard time believing it (where has this year gone?) and the eighty-plus degree temps are trying to convince me other wise, I spent the weekend getting our house cleaned up and beginning to incorporate some cozier fall decor into our space. I was most excited to decorate our outdoor space this year since it’s my first year being out of an apartment, so we added a few touches to make our front porch reflect the autumn season. I got my inspiration from the beautiful autumn bouquets that arrived earlier this week…

Mother’s Day Sentiments with The Bouqs

For as long as I can remember, I have turned to my mom for everything. No matter how big or small a struggle I had, she was always my go-to for advice. As it turns out, the saying “mom knows best” holds true merit. Hearing her voice on my shoulder throughout any tough choice is the comfort and support I need to get me through any dilemma. While if I went into all the lessons my mother has taught me over the years, we’d be here until next Mother’s Day, there are a couple of lessons she taught me that have forever…

Home for the Holidays

The holidays are undoubtably one of my most favorite times of the year. I always look forward to turning my home into someplace incredibly cozy and welcoming that I enjoy coming home to every evening, or feel excited to invite guests over to celebrate the holidays with me. While most years I go all out with an overall theme for the decor, due to lots of recent life events and transitions coming up (more on that soon!), I decided to do something a little different this time around. This year, I opted for the “less is more” approach when making…

Home Office Tour with Minted

I’m so excited today to bring you a little sneak peek into one of my favorite corners of my home! If I’m not in bed, then I’m most likely tucked away in this little corner working on the blog. This small space of my 700-foot apartment is my what I refer to as my home office, even if it is just a little six foot square corner. It’s all about working with the space that you’ve got, right? When decorating it, I knew that I wanted to make sure it felt cozy and stood out as a separate space (truth be told it’s actually…

Italian Ricotta Cookies

It’s no secret at this point that I have a serious cookie additions. Chocolate chip, snicker doodle, sugar – I love them all. When I came across this recipe on Pinterest, I knew I had to test it out. Not only does it have “Italian” in it (my heritage), but it’s also covered with sprinkles and looks like spring. How can you beat that?

Raspberry Tiramisu

Today is Ryan’s birthday, so naturally I saw it as an opportunity to whip up something sweet. We decided to forgo the typical cake, and opt for something indulgent instead. Ryan decided upon tiramisu, and to make it extra special, we added in some raspberries. I used a variation of this recipe, and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to whip up. It only took about 20 minutes of prep time, and after chilling for an hour, it was the perfect birthday treat. 

White Chocolate Dipped Pistachio + Apricot Cookies

One of the easiest homemade gifts to give at the holidays is something baked from scratch. Whether it be an old family recipe, a personal favorite, or just a simple batch of cookies, putting the extra effort into a gift goes a long way to show you care. I pulled this recipe from one of my favorite books, TrEATs, by April Carter, and haven’t been able to stop eating them! They are easy to make, and a nice festive option to wrap up and give out as gifts this holiday season.

Personal Pumpkin Pies

One of my problems I always have with pies is that unless I’m bringing it to a dinner party to share, so much of it goes to waste. I’ll eat a couple of slices, and the pie will go bad before I can completely finish it up. I thought up creating mini versions of my favorite pies instead (I used this recipe as a guide), and it fixes all of my issues. I can now keep a couple little pies at home to enjoy for myself, and then distribute the rest in a nice, neat little package. These are perfect…

Cinnamon Apple Rings

In all fairness, you were warned. I’ve been on a little (okay, huge) apple bender since I went apple picking last weekend and came home with a bucketload of apples. After making two apple pies in the last week, I was ready to try something new. I found a recipe for these cinnamon sugar covered apple rings, and knew I’d hit the jackpot. The final result is a cross between an apple and a donut, and it is amazing. If you ever have a bunch of apples to use in a short amount of time, I highly suggest getting out your frying oil…

Apple Pie

Last year, at almost exactly this same time, I made my first apple pie. At the time, I was pretty impressed with myself (having made the crust from scratch for the first time). This year, to celebrate the first day of my favorite month of the year, I was ready to try a new apple pie recipe, and see just how much I had grown over the last year.