Holiday Gift Guide: Decor

[thefeedproducts style=’four’] FELT BALL WREATH :: VELVET ‘HAPPY CHRISTMAS’ :: BICYCLE PILLOW :: MINI TREES :: STOCKING HOOK :: KNIT STOCKING :: FELT GARLAND :: VILLAGE HOUSES :: CANDLE HOLDER :: VINTAGE ORNAMENTS :: CASHMERE THROW :: ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’ GARLAND :: EUCALYPTUS WREATH While this isn’t exactly a traditional gift guide, it definitely is one of my favorite things to shop for around the holidays, so naturally I had to share with you my favorite picks! It’s such a exciting time of year when it’s finally time to deck the halls and pull out the twinkling lights! I love adding…

Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s that time of year when having a nice and fresh home is almost expected. “Spring Cleaning” isn’t a saying for no reason. The idea of having a clean house is much easier said than done. While I love to think about my house being fresh and smelling of clean linen and flowers just out of the garden, it takes a lot more work to get there than imagination. Here are some of my basic tips I’ve found that help get the job done.

Springtime Decor Dreaming

We’re in the middle of a winter storm in Raleigh, so naturally I’m distracting myself by picking out some new springtime decor. For spring I’m all about light colors and pastels. I like to keep a neutral color palate, but incorporate faint pinks and blues wherever I can. From pillows and rugs to new vases and lamps, here are my favorites that I have rounded up to give my house a little sprucing and lightening up for the new season. 

Best Buys of 2014

I have a terrible habit of constantly buying new things for my home. Whether it be pillows, blankets, mugs – you name it – I probably have an outrageous collection of them. However, this past year, I tried to stay constant with my decor and belongings, and only buy things that I saw myself practically using for years. Looking back over the last year, here are a few of my favorite things that I have no regrets about adding to my home.

Holiday Table Decor: Rosemary

Just like Thanksgiving, decorating the table at Christmas time is always a big deal for me. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to plan this year, so I started scouring Pinterest for some simple, yet festive ideas. One reoccurring theme stuck in my head – incorporating rosemary into the table scape. Once I started looking into place settings, it turns out it’s actually a pretty common theme. Here are just a few images from Pinterest that I’ll be using to inspire my table this year.

It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

We are now just a couple of weeks out from Christmas, and I’m in full Christmas decorating mode. I have Christmas music playing almost non-stop, and can’t stop drinking eggnog and watching Christmas movies. I’m a little obsessed – I know. I’m up to my chin in wrapping up my Christmas shopping, so I’ll keep things short and sweet today by sharing a glimpse into my home, and what I’ve done so far to prep for the holidays!

Thanksgiving Table

Decorating the table for our family Thanksgiving dinner is usually my specialty, and the highlight of my year. However, this past weekend, during our Thanksgiving at the cabin, traditions shifted slightly. While I usually have months to prepare, craft, and plan, this year, I had a matter of hours to see what we had at the house, and throw something presentable together. We decided to pull decor that was already up there, use paper products for easy clean up, and use the china that the previous owners left behind (none of which I am fond of). This forced me to…

A Haunted Home

 (Cobwebs to give my bar cart an antique, haunted feel) While I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween, I (as hard as I try) can’t resist the urge to decorate for a holiday. It all started with a pack of cobwebs I purchased to drape over my bar cart – and now my whole apartment has been transformed into a haunted house. Just a few little changes to my book shelf and coffee table, and I was all set for the holiday.

A Green Home: Part I

I have openly admitted to my serious obsession over many things – sweets, throw pillows, fall, and most of all, candles. I’m a sucker for buying the candles with the pretty jar, and then at the end of the week (because that’s how quickly I burn through them), I’m left with nothing but a pretty, empty glass container.