Cabin Weekend

photo 4-61This past weekend was my first time at the cabin after it became ours. Although the majority of the weekend was consumed by decorating and cleaning, we managed to squeeze in our ritual trip to Kojay’s for coffee, lunch at our favorite pub, and a trip (or two) to Kilwin’s for ice cream. The trip was short and sweet, and definitely made me want to live in the cabin full-time, but was packed full of good times and happy moments. Here’s a few of my favorites from the weekend.

(After pictures from my room to be posted next week!)

photo 1-92(Early morning breakfast at Kojay’s)

photo 3-74

(Our snow-covered driveway)
photo 1-90

(Remnants from last week’s ice sculpture contests)

photo 3-75

(A late night trip to Kilwin’s to pick up sweet treats)
photo 2-94

(Coffee by the fire in our new place)