Cabin Decor


The countdown is officially on for the closing of our log cabin in a couple weeks.  This means it’s time to get inspired and get ideas for decorating the new place. My sister and I have been told that we each get to decorate our own rooms (read: we can pick out things we like and run them by our mom for approval), and this has got me doing some intense digging into decorating cabin bedrooms. I’ve narrowed it down to just a few looks that I love, and will be finding ways to somehow incorporate these ideas into my little space in our hew home.


While my room in the cabin doesn’t have a corner seat, I still love the idea of having a non-traditional spot to sit on and read a book. I’m hoping to substitute a corner seat for a trunk covered in warm, cozy blankets and pillows, pushed up next to my window to take in the mountain views.

I have stayed in basements of several rental mountain houses that are dark and musty. There is barely any light, and then in addition, the room is decorated with dark, dreary colors. For my room, I hoping to make it cozy, while keeping it open and airy. I plan on using light colored linens with just pops of richer accent colors, as well as rustic, white furniture, to keep the space from feeling like a dingy basement.

lavenderThis picture is my true inspiration for the look I hope to achieve. The pop of rich, royal blue found in the quilt is a must-do for my room, and I have already purchased lavender plants wrapped in burlap to sit on my nightstand. I love that this room feels mountain cozy and warm, without being covered in bear prints and antlers.

hanginglaternsMy room in the cabin does not have a fire place (but notice that every room I have pulled inspiration from does have one), so we will be purchasing a small fireplace, similar to this, to place in the room. The room I stay in at my parents’ house has one, and it has always made coming home that much better. As for the lighting, I am in love with the overhead lanterns hanging here. Every room needs its ‘quirk’, or conversation piece, and for my room, these lanterns are it.