Cabin Bedroom: After

cabin bedroomAfter hours spent researching, planning, and shopping, I was finally able to put together my dream cabin bedroom. Though it is a far cry away from what I originally had planned, I am in love with the end result and am contemplating relocating my life up to the mountains. I still have a couple finishing touches I’d like to add in (a colorful rug, bright euro shams), but I am overall so happy with how it turned out. I wanted a room that was cozy, yet didn’t scream hunting cabin, and I think it’s just that. Here are a few of my favorite elements from my room.

photo 1-99(A vintage-insipred coat hook right by my door for scarves and jackets)


(Lavander plant + modern deer head + quirky jewelry tray)
photo 4-66

(A full-length, vintage-inspired mirror)

(The closest thing I could get to a fireplace in my room + old fashioned desk with a mountain view)
photo 2-104

(This woodland animals quilt + a wall hanging from a favorite mountain boutique)
photo 4-67(A vintage alarm clock to sit on my night stand)