Bundled Black & White



I have such a love/hate relationship with dressing for winter. On one hand, I love having the excuse to wear darker colors – it’s way more acceptable to wear all black in January than it is in June. I love to get all wrapped up and cozy in every sweater, scarf, and jacket I can possibly pile on in an attempt to stay warm (us North Carolinians can be such babies about cold weather). The downfall of cold weather? The fact that you end up looking like a giant marshmallow after you’ve piled on every layer you own.DSC_7751 DSC_7882 DSC_7803 DSC_7776 DSC_7813 DSC_7763 DSC_7816

That’s when I found this coat – and it has solved every single issue I have with cold weather. I joke that it’s like wearing a mammoth, but it’s actually that warm. It’s oversized without being too overpowering, and warm without being too obnoxiously big. The black and white ombre pattern on the fur is so gorgeous¬†that it’s reason enough to own this coat.

It really has become one of my favorite pieces in my closet. It was about forty degrees the day we shot this, and I was wearing just a short sleeve tee underneath, yet was still perfectly warm. It’s one of those amazing moments when you realize it’s not only fashionable, but also serving it’s purpose.

 Photos by Ryan Sides


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