Bathroom Organization Tips


After posting earlier this week about my dream bathroom, I decided to give mine a little spruce up. My counter is always my problem area – it serves as a giant catch all for hair products, toothbrushes, hair bands, jewelry, and more. In order to make it a little more functional, and a little less of a free-for-all, I made a few small changes that made a world of difference. Here’s how you can give your bathroom counter more organization at home.


Get a medium sized tray to help keep clutter organized. Having a space to place everything will keep it from covering your entire counter. I like these from West Elm.



Pick out visually appealing jars to store supplies in. I like them being mismatched, but mason jars or a set of juice glasses work just as well. Mine are all from Crate & Barrel. Fill your jars with items you reach for most – having things right at your fingertips will cut down on your time getting ready in the morning (and the jars add personality to your counter).


Find something fun and non-traditional to use as your toothbrush holder. Mine is a champagne flute from here, and I chose to leave my rather non-attractive toothpaste tube in the drawer below. Feel free to get creative in order to make your space more fun – you could use a single stem flower vase or a tall collins glass instead.


Have a place to put all of your jewelry. Even if you have a formal jewelry box, it’s still good to have a little tray for when you need to take off your rings at the end of the night, or when you wash your face. (I learned this lesson the hard way when Luna knocked my grandmother’s engagement ring into the sink drain – luckily I fished it out.)

DSC_0726Add personal touches like your favorite perfumes, a nice bar of soap, a mini candle, and flowers.