All Eyes on Skincare

Having attended college at the beach and spending hours soaking in the sunshine, it’s safe to say that my skin probably had a bit more exposure than it should. From a small sunburn here and there to times I didn’t even take my makeup off at night, I now look back and shake my head at my naive irresponsibility when it came to my skin. While I spent countless carefree hours catching rays in my early twenties, now that I’m officially in my late twenties (gasp!), I’ve become extra conscientious of each new freckle and fine line that takes up residence on my face. The days of worry-free lounging by the pool are long gone, and it’s time that I start putting a focus on both preventative and corrective skincare.

I’ve been religiously using OSEA Malibu’s skincare line for months now to cover the basics like washing & moisturizing  you can read the full post about these products HERE), so naturally, I looked to OSEA first when incorporating anti-aging products in my daily routine. I’ve been consistently using the following three-step routine every night, and in just a few weeks, I can already see such a change in the firmness and _ of my skin.

Nº 1 Advanced Protection Cream

This thick and rich moisturizer combines the power of Algae Extract, Aloe Vera, and DPHP to increase firmness and overall skin tone and texture. It the perfect cream to lather on right before bed to let your skin soak in all of the natural ingredients overnight, to wake up with plump and smooth skin.

Nº 2 Eyes & Lips Cream

This product is the holy grail of anti-aging! It’s quickly become a favorite that I can’t go without. My eyes and lips are definitely my problem areas – the more delicate the skin, the more I can start seeing signs of aging. This cream is made to work against exactly that! For best results, apply a small dab to the back of your hand, and then gently apply to your under eye area.

Nº 3 Eye Gel Serum

Say goodbye to your fine lines, puffiness, and dark spots with this serum! Its cooling effect in combination with Resveratol and Organic Algae create the perfect serum to use daily to combat aging around the eyes and and overall fresh-face glow. I love to apply mine right before bed, or in the morning to help fight tired eyes and give my face a boost before applying my makeup.

Photos by Ryan Sides

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