A Fashion Memo


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September is nearly upon us, which means the arrival of all things fashion! Between fashion weeks world wide and the highly anticipated September issues of every major fashion publication, there is just so much on the horizon I can’t wait to see!

One of my favorite fashion magazines has always been Porter published by Net-A-Porter. While it only comes out once a season, it always perfectly sets the stage for the trends and moods we can be expecting to see. As soon as I get my hands on a glossy new issue, I immediately flip to ‘The Fashion Memo,’ which highlights the up and coming key players in fashion. It always begins with a little blurb to set us up for what’s in store. The most recent issue of Porter spoke true to what I have always felt about fashion and my personal style, saying:

Clothes should always tell a story, or at least hint at a narrative. In a season where INDEPENDENT SPIRITS are celebrated, the clothes tell a tale like no other. This is a woman who finds the FEMININE in a masculine silhouette, who experiments with RICH textures and bold prints. She likes to stand out with a flash of RED and tease in a VICTORIANA blouse. She does not follow trends and chooses pieces that enhance who she is, rather than transforming her into the woman others want her to be.

With every look I curate, I always think of the tone behind it. The quote above hit how I felt about this look right on the head. Masculine yet feminine with lace and sheer paneling, and staying true to my personal style, rather than sucoming to trends that do not work for me. It’s these looks that make me feel most confident, most feminine, and most inspiring. After all, that’s what fashion is truly about!

Photos by Ryan Sides


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